Value creation



07 years of experience in the real estate market


Professional unit providing real estate business & development services

Established in 2015, Amber Asset Management Joint Stock Company (Formerly Quang Anh Real Estate Joint Stock Company) is a professional unit providing real estate development & business services.

With more than 3,000 hectares of land fund deployed in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, Amber Asset Management has been bringing new energy to the market and is one of the fastest growing young real estate developers. overate.

Amber Asset Management focuses on developing high-quality human resources, improving financial potential with the goal of becoming the leading prestigious real estate brand in Vietnam.


New factor full of youth and wisdom and creativity

With strong aspirations to rise, Amber Asset Management is a new but young factor and promises to accelerate breakthroughs in the future. 

We always strive to bring peace of mind in cooperation and investment, constantly upgrading our staff to become a leading unit in the field of Real Estate.



15.000 billion VND



Growth rate/year

3.000 ha

Deployment land fund

20 +

Deployment project

10 +

Province / City

100 +

Customer & Partner


Field of activity

Working in the field of real estate development, Amber Asset Management invests and covers projects from resorts, golf & resorts; offices, urban areas, apartments, houses to industrial zones. Projects are exploited in potential economic zones, positively impacting the development process and bringing a new face to the local economy.

Resort Real Estate Investment is one of the potential and promising business areas of Amber Asset Management. We build a tight ecosystem with enough potential to create top-standard products, giving customers a different and classy experience.
  • 755+ Area
  • 5462+ Total Investment
Determined to engage in golf - a promising business field, Amber Asset Management wishes to bring to the market international standard products and services along with different experiences. We focus on building a quality golf course system, focusing on investing in the landscape, meeting the training - competition and exchange needs of golfers who are passionate about this subject.
  • 190+ Area
  • 1625+ Total Investment
As one of the key investment areas, Amber Asset Management focuses on investing and developing clean industrial parks, contributing to the production linkage chain and breakthrough priority industries along the provinces. potential (seaport, airport, border gate).
  • 214+ Area
  • 1097+ Total Investment
Amber Asset Management owns office buildings and residential apartment projects in prime locations in potential cities, opening investment opportunities and creating brand impressions spread across the country.
  • 8+ Area
  • 3350+ Total Investment

The goal is to become a comprehensive real estate developer, reaching out to compete with large corporations in Vietnam and the region, building a smart ecosystem following the trend of Green and Sustainable economic development.

  • With the market

    Contributing to promoting the development of Vietnam's real estate market with quality and prestigious products and services.
  • With a partner

    Upholding the spirit of cooperation for mutual development, increasing attractive and sustainable investment values ​​through the provision of comprehensive, safe and effective real estate products and services.
  • With staff

    Take people as the core value. Building a team of highly qualified professionals and a dynamic working environment.
  • With society

    Harmonizing business interests and social benefits, actively contributing to community-oriented activities.



We comply with the laws and ethical standards of the industry and society. At Amber Asset Management, we always balance the interests of the business with the interests of our partners and the interests of the community.
Amber Asset Management strives to be a trusted companion of each partner starting with building trust within the organization.
Amber Asset Management is an organization that is constantly learning, creating and always creating a difference and unique identity in each project. Each individual in the organization actively learns and improves every day, bringing new values ​​and standards to customers.
Amber Asset Management builds a respectful and dedicated team to the organization as well as to customers, putting the interests and desires of customers first.